Why Donate?

Education Makes a Difference

Access to education, especially higher education, has the power dramatically improve the quality of life for countless people across the Republic of Haiti.

In Haiti, only 1% of university-aged men and women are enrolled in higher-education institutions, with the vast majority of the rural population having no access to education at all. The University of Fondwa is aiming to create a new generation of Haitian citizens who are educated and working within the country to build economic, intellectual, and environmental wealth across rural areas.

Through higher education, the University of Fondwa creates a value system of mutual respect, inclusion, and solidarity with the poor. The programs cultivate the spirit of service and entrepreneurship, respect for the environment and land, and appreciation for the knowledge and traditional values of Haiti’s peasant population who live and work on that land.

Defining Wealth

Wealth in Haiti is about more than just money. Although economic wealth is essential for entrepreneurial initiatives and jobs, Haiti needs intellectual wealth to develop community-based education and research programs, and environmental wealth to preserve the environment and promote the stewardship of resources in rural communities.

Your donation will help foster the economic, intellectual, and environmental wealth needed to improve the lives of everyone in Haiti, allowing them to live with dignity.

Be Part of the Progress

Your donation helps to challenge the status quo and change Haiti for the better. Your generous monetary gifts help to provide scholarships to deserving young people, the development of programs to stimulate economic self-sufficiency across the country, and the rebuilding of educational facilities that have been destroyed by natural disasters.

Every man, woman, and child in Haiti should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. With your help, they can. By supporting uFondwa, you will be supporting higher education in Haiti, which equips the Haitian people with the tools they need to break out of poverty and move their country forward into a better tomorrow.

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